Boost cell signal for wifi hotspot

Blog  January 11, 2018

Need a hotspot booster or antenna? Here are some ideas

  Internet hotspots are wonderful technology. They take a cell signal and make a data connection available to Wifi enabled devices, even those lacking cellular connectivity. But in areas with spotty or nonexistent cell coverage, a hotpot can be more useful as a paperweight than as a data connection.¬†Fortunately there are solutions that can make a hotspot work even in locations with questionable cell signal. Try these first First, try changing the location of your hotspot. Try different rooms ...Read More

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What is 5G

Blog  January 4, 2018

5G: The Future of Mobile Connectivity

  Click to watch the video for a quick overview of 5G   Customers and partners often ask us about 5G, specifically what it will mean for consumers and for the future of Wilson Electronics.   What is 5G? 5G is the fifth generation of cellular network, the next specification of mobile technology beyond the current 4G LTE standard. The 5G specification defines how the mobile network will meet the demands and deliver service to the needs of a mobile network ...Read More

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Blog  December 22, 2017

The weBoost Drive 4G-X OTR – See What Customers Really Think

Curious about the best cell signal booster for truckers? The weBoost Drive 4G-X OTR improves cellular signal, call quality, data & video streaming for your cellular device while you are on the road. We collected user reviews from Facebook, Amazon and our website to bring you some stand-out reviews from our customers. Can you hear me now? "I purchased the OTR kit and it comes with everything you need. I have had it installed in my '95 ...Read More


Blog  December 22, 2017

Customers share their thoughts on the Drive 4G-X RV

Are you curious how users feel about the Drive 4G-X RV? This cellular signal booster is perfect for enhancing cellular signal for RVs. We took customer reviews from Amazon, Facebook and our website and put the best all in one place for you to enjoy. Customers share how the product helps them on the road or camping in their RV, provide photos of their setups, give installation tips, and share their experiences. A great product to ...Read More


Blog  December 14, 2017

weBoost Partners with the Westminster Expedition

weBoost partnered with the Westminster Expedition, a semester-long program offered by Westminster College in Salt Lake City. This program is one of the first field-based education programs in the nation.   We sent them on their adventures with a couple Drive 4G-X cell phone signal boosters to help them stay connected during their trip along the western United States. Fourteen students and a few professors traveled in two minivans stopping outdoors to camp while occasionally staying ...Read More