Cell tower locations

Blog  September 21, 2017

How to find cell tower locations

Updated from an earlier post   It's easy to find nearby cell towers plotted on a Google Maps display. First, navigate to one of the cell tower finder sites we've listed below. Then enter your location. Finally, click the "Go' button to find nearby cell towers. In this post: Find your tower to improve cell phone reception Websites to help find cell towers VIDEO - How to Find the Nearest Cell Tower   I've discussed before some of the things you can do immediately to ...Read More

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How to charge your cell phone faster

Blog  September 15, 2017

How to charge your cell phone faster

  Click to watch the video.   Our smartphones are one of the great conveniences we enjoy. But one of the most inconvenient things about them is charging the battery. No matter how good your phone's battery life is, eventually you have to charge it up. And who wants to wait around for that! It's always nice when we find a way to charge our phones faster. In recent years technology has really contributed to faster battery charging, but charging ...Read More

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Blog  August 17, 2017

Be Prepared to Watch the Solar Eclipse

People from all over North America are hitting the road in search of prime solar eclipse viewing spots. Because of the amount of people who will undoubtedly be using their phones to share this event online, cellular providers are concerned cell towers won’t be able to support the increased cell phone usage in rural areas like Oregon and Idaho. According to an article published by KUOW, Cell providers plan to combat this by installing temporary ...Read More


Installing a Cell signal booster in an RV FI

Blog  August 1, 2017

Installing a cell signal booster in an RV

    If you're an RV owner you undoubtedly know that getting reliable cell signal inside an RV presents a challenge, as we've written about previously in this space. For starters, RVs often travel to remote locations where cell towers are few and far between. That obviously can make cell reception difficult. In addition, those remote places frequently have terrain that's terrifically scenic, but not conducive to reliable cell signal. Think mountains, hills, forests, etc. Finally, RVs frequently are sheathed ...Read More

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how to increase cell signal pic

Blog  July 20, 2017

Improve your cell reception: 10 tips that cost nothing

  Pretty much all of us have cell phones that we use a lot. And pretty much all of us expect to be able to use our cell phone wherever we go - home, office, school, the commute between, shopping, the gym, restaurants and bars, the park. You name it. Wherever we go, we expect our phones to work. So when we are actually in a place that has no or poor cell reception, we get incredibly frustrated ...Read More

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