Blog  October 16, 2017

Do Cell Phone Signal Booster Cases Really Work?

    People often ask us about signal booster cases for cell phones. Do these cases really work to boost cell signal? To find out the answer once and for all, we did some testing with signal booster cases. The test results are covered in the video above, but we found they generally do not live up to their claims.   Types of Signal Boosting Phone Cases There are basically two types of 2 cell signal boosting phone cases - active ...Read More

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Blog  October 12, 2017

Billy Rioux: Cabin Life

I live off-grid in a cabin surrounded by the Canadian wilderness. At 25 years old, I moved out of the city and built myself a log cabin with only hand tools in order to live here a year. That was 2007. In 2017, I’m still here. I’m not a hobo, I have a job and I love society as it is. My work is to share my knowledge about wilderness survival and history on YouTube. I started ...Read More


Blog  October 11, 2017

weBoost Drive Sleek Wins Mobile Broadband Solution of the Year

  On October 11th, the weBoost Drive Sleek cell phone signal cradle booster was recognized with a Mobile Breakthrough Award. This new, innovative mobile cradle signal booster was honored with Mobile Broadband Solution of the Year and named among other top companies like Google, Samsung, Verizon and Sprint. Follow this link to learn more about the award-winning weBoost Drive Sleek. Staying connected and keeping a usable cellular signal on the road is something many people struggle with, and ...Read More


Cell Phone Signal Boosters Guide

Blog  October 4, 2017

weBoost Ultimate Guide to Cell Phone Signal Boosters

  Click on a topic below to jump to that heading. If you have a question that you don't see answered here, please leave a comment at the bottom of the page and we'll post the answer. What is a cell phone signal booster? What a cell phone signal booster is not Do cell phone boosters actually work? Top 10 signal booster benefits Which cell phone booster would you recommend for my home or office? Which booster is best for my vehicle? Different ...Read More

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When will a cell signal booster not work

Blog  September 28, 2017

When Will a Cell Signal Booster Not Work?

    We've posted before about how you can know for sure that cell phone boosters really work to enhance your mobile phone signal. Here's a link to that post: Do cell phone boosters actually work? We've also previously posted about why some people may mistakenly think that cell boosters are a scam. Read that post here: Five myths about cell phone signal boosters. While cell signal boosters work well in most poor-signal situations, there are three specific circumstances in which ...Read More

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