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Blog  July 20, 2017

Improve your cell reception: 10 tips that cost nothing

  Pretty much all of us have cell phones that we use a lot. And pretty much all of us expect to be able to use our cell phone wherever we go - home, office, school, the commute between, shopping, the gym, restaurants and bars, the park. You name it. Wherever we go, we expect our phones to work. So when we are actually in a place that has no or poor cell reception, we get incredibly frustrated ...Read More

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Blog  July 6, 2017

Discover how cellular technology helped fight the Brian Head Fire

Our team spent some time at the base camp for the Brian Head Utah Fire talking with operations personnel, logistics personnel and firefighters about the wild fire and how they employed cutting edge technology to fight the blaze. Because of the remote nature of the Brian Head Fire in southern Utah there are several "spike" camps scattered throughout Dixie National Forest. Each camp had to communicate with the base camp every morning for briefings covering the current ...Read More


How to Turn on Wifi Calling - Turning on Wifi Calling FI

Blog  July 5, 2017

How to turn on Wifi calling on your cell phone

  Click on the arrow to watch the video.   Wifi calling is using your cell phone connected to a Wifi network to make calls over the Internet instead of using the cellular network as your phone normally does. It can come in handy when you're in a situation where there is no cell signal or poor cell signal, but solid Wifi coverage. International travelers and people who work in remote areas with no cell phone coverage often use ...Read More

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Blog  June 26, 2017

Win $300 – Instagram Photo Contest

Where do you need to stay connected? Whether it’s on the job, campsite, or on the road, we want to see where having a strong cellular signal is important to you. Share a photo of your environment that needs to stay connected and tell us why a good signal is important to you. Tag the post using #weBoostPostcard. One winning photo will be chosen by a jury of weBoost team members on July 24th. The winner will ...Read More


How to Improve Cell Reception in a Basement

Blog  June 22, 2017

How to boost cell reception in a basement

How can I improve the cell signal in my basement? This question comes up a lot. A surprising number of people either have an office, workshop or other work space in a basement, or live in a basement-level apartment. Getting reliable cell signal in these spaces is typically problematic because a basement is below ground level (duh). If you view our blog occasionally you've probably read one of the posts where we remind readers that mobile phone ...Read More

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