Going Mobile Over Memorial Day Weekend? Take your Booster!

May 24, 2013 — by WEBOOST


It’s been more than 40 years since Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Famers The Who recorded Pete Townsend’s “Going Mobile,” a lighthearted ode to the joys of mobile home life.  While the song still entertains, the meaning – and joys – of “going mobile” have taken on new nuances in the cellular age.  So, with Memorial Day Weekend – the semi-official start of summer vacation season – nearly upon us, we at Wilson would suggest that if you have plans for “going mobile” on Memorial Day weekend or anytime this summer, remember to take the Sleek 4G (or any of our other mobile boosters) to use in your car or vacation lodging.

Travelers today depend incessantly on their smartphones for real-time information. They use them to navigate, make or change travel and dining reservations, check local event listings, post pictures, send an urgent message, or make an emergency call. It definitely pays to be sure you’ll always have the strongest cell signal available for reliable voice and high-speed data communication (especially when WiFi connections aren’t available).  The Sleek 4G is perfect for vehicles, since its cradle mount lets you use a headset or peakerphone and maintain the strongest connection possible without ever picking up or moving your phone. The Sleek’s optional accessory kit let you take its benefits indoors. Whether you’re in hotel, cabin, RV, or a mobile home. Going mobile Memorial Day or later this summer?  Then go with Wilson and go with confidence! 🙂

Where are you headed this Memorial Day/this summer? Let us know in the comments section or on Facebook/Twitter.



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