Hot CES 2013 Product Preview: In-vehicle gadgets/accessories

January 1, 2013 — by WEBOOST


Yup, it’s that time of year again. The magic is in the air and every technology junkie is gearing up for the season, with dreams of new gadgets and gizmos laced with the sent of fresh electronics packaging. No, I’m not talking about the holidays; I’m talking about CES 2013!

In the spirit of this wonderful time of year we’re going to highlight a few looked-forward-to items that are debuting at the show next month. The first category we’re going to cover: Gadgets/Accessories, specifically of the in-vehicle nature. We’ve browsed through the CES Innovation Honorees that were announced on November 12 and picked a few of our favorites. Find them briefly highlighted below:

  • Cobra iRadar S-Series by Cobra Electronics – This radar detector looks to be great for all speed-demons out there. This puppy utilizes your Bluetooth to connect to your smart phone for the product’s heads-up-display. This connection also provides access to Cobra iRadar, the largest community-based detection system, making it easier to detect any ‘fuzz’ in your area. Disclaimer: we do not condone exceeding the speed limit, this is just a cool gadget.
  • Y-CHARGE by TYLT – This car-to-USB power adapter charges two products at one time. In addition, it charges most tablets, which is big because a lot of USB car chargers don’t have enough power to charge a tablet. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket easily and lets you share the charging love with a travel companion (or another of your gadgets).
  • InSeam by iSimple® – This device adds a Bluetooth connection to any vehicle for hands-free calls and streaming audio through a vehicle’s sound system. It can be used with a vehicle’s original steering wheel controls. This is a great addition to a vehicle as it makes talking while traveling safer.

These products, along with many others, will offer technology that makes folks’ lives easier (and likely a lot cooler). Make sure to come see us in booth #35666 at CES 2013 if you have a chance to attend the show. Hope to see ya there!



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