July 24, 2014 — by WEBOOST


Happy Thursday! Can you believe the week is almost over?! We can’t.

In the meantime, want to win a free Sleek 4G cell phone signal booster? We thought so…

All you have to do is comment below what YEAR you think this record player is from. That’s it!

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    Comments (12)

    angel on July 24, 2014 at 4:36 pm said:

    I believe it is from 1968

    maurice pruitt on July 24, 2014 at 4:49 pm said:


    Steve Munoz on July 24, 2014 at 6:30 pm said:

    I hope the record player is from1957.

    Albert Stanley on July 24, 2014 at 9:27 pm said:

    This would be a amazing added to my master bedroom.

    Karen Wagner on July 24, 2014 at 10:38 pm said:


    Eddie Collins on July 25, 2014 at 12:18 am said:


    Jim Barnett on July 25, 2014 at 12:25 am said:

    1962 I think

    Susan Niemann on July 25, 2014 at 2:06 am said:

    I would say this turntable is from 1948. It’s beautiful really….I miss LP’s!

    Lennie King on July 25, 2014 at 12:41 pm said:

    Pye ‘Black Box’ record player, 1954.

    keith lawhorn on July 25, 2014 at 12:50 pm said:

    early 1950

    Michael Miller on July 25, 2014 at 5:15 pm said:


    John Joseph on July 28, 2014 at 5:27 pm said:

    I would venture to guess 1952