Tech Tip Tuesday

October 21, 2014 — by WEBOOST


Happy Tuesday! Are you wondering if your home could use a signal booster? If so this week’s #techtip is just for you. Keep reading-

A common question we see in Tech Support is, “I have poor signal where I live I need a booster, what do recommend?” This is a broad question, so to help the customer out we ask a few important questions.

  • What is the square footage of your home?

This is an important question, as we have different boosters that cover different sized areas, our DT (small room), DB Pro (whole home), and AG Pro (large building).

  • What is the signal like outside your home?

This information is top priority when recommending a product; typically if the customer can make a phone call outside our systems can work efficiently. If they cannot, we recommend getting a signal reading off of their phone outside, preferably on the roof (likely place for outside antenna).

To gather signal readings on your phone, many customers own smart phones these days. Luckily there are apps for gathering signal readings from your phone. For the iPhone in the App Store you can download the app called: “Fieldtester” (free app). For iPhone 5’s and newer, you will need to go into your Settings, then into Cellular, and disable LTE. This will allow you to have more accurate readings. With the Fieldtester app opened you will want to look at the area that says “Phone Signal” below that you will see a percentage and below that a negative (-) number with “dBm” next to the number. To know what a good and bad signal is here are some tips, at -50 (next to the tower) is a great signal, and at -105 (our systems will not work) is a poor signal. Typically a good range we recommend is if the customer can fall between -70 to -90 outside.

In the google play store, a customer who has an Android phone we typically recommend downloading the app called: “Advanced Signal Status” (free app). This app is a little different than the iPhone’s “Fieldtester” app. When you download the app you will see the 3G and 4G broken up into different sections. The 3G will show your CDMA (voice) and EVDO (data) with RSSI signal. There you will see the dB readings. Similar to the iPhone, a good signal will be -50, and bad -105. The 4G will state LTE RSSI signal and have its reading as well.

If that customer is able to provide us with this information we can recommend the best product for their needs.

As always if you have any questions about this week’s tech tip, or just a technical question in general, feel free to leave us a comment below, or you can contact our technical support team directly at (866)294-1660 or email us at [email protected].



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