Technology Integrators Name Wilson Electronics’ Cellular Signal Booster a ‘Best New Product Award’ Finalist

September 6, 2012 — by WEBOOST


ST. GEORGE, Utah – Aug. 22, 2012 – An indoor signal booster from Wilson
Electronics (, manufacturer of North America’s top-selling line of cellular signal boosters, is one of 30 finalists in the Best New Product category of the 2012 Manufacturers Excellence Awards.

CEDIA, the industry association for professionals who design and install home technology, named the Wilson AG Pro-Installer a finalist for the award which recognizes the top new products in the residential electronic systems industry. The competition honors innovation and creativity and helps illustrate the many ways technology enhances the home.

For a complete list of CEDIA 2012 Manufacturers Excellence Awards finalists, visit

“With all the outstanding technologies and devices available for the home today, we are thrilled to have the AG Pro-Installer recognized along side such excellent products,” said Laine Matthews, Wilson’s director of business development. “It’s truly an honor for the AG Pro-Installer to be named a Best New Product finalist in CEDIA’s 2012 Manufacturers Excellence Awards.”

The AG Pro-Installer boosts voice and data cellular signals and is designed for professional installation in larger buildings. Benefits include significantly extended signal range for cellular devices indoors, reliable connection even in areas of weak signal, fewer dropped connections and no-service “dead zones,” better voice quality, faster 3G data transfer rates and improved battery life.

Winners of CEDIA’s 2012 Manufacturers Excellence Awards will be announced at a press conference Friday, Sept. 7 and recognized at the Electronic Lifestyles Awards Banquet on Sept. 8. Both events are to be held in conjunction with CEDIA Expo 2012 in Indianapolis.

Wilson Electronics will exhibit Sept. 5-8 at CEDIA Expo 2012 in booth 1325 of the Indiana Convention Center. Wilson also will present a training seminar focused on installing signal boosters at 4:30 pm. Friday, Sept. 7. To register visit Course code for the training seminar is MPT1115.



For buildings greater than 7500 sq ft, we recommend our WilsonPro brand of products.
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