Wilson Electronics Issues Statement on Its Joint FCC Filing with Verizon Wireless Regarding Consumer Cellular Signal Boosters

July 26, 2011 — by WEBOOST


In response to the FCC’s request for technical specifications on the operation and use of consumer cellular signal boosters, Wilson Electronics issues the following statement from Joe Banos, Chief Operating Officer:

“In a collaborative effort, Wilson Electronics and Verizon Wireless have agreed upon new technical specifications for consumer cellular boosters, which the two companies have filed jointly in response to the FCC’s signal booster NPRM. Wilson feels the joint proposal is a win-win for both consumers and cellular carriers. Boosters meeting new stricter design standards can ensure that private users as well as government agencies can continue to have reliable service in areas where signal coverage may not be optimal due to terrain or economics. The new standards will also ensure that carriers’ networks will be protected from cell site interference, which poorly built boosters might cause.”

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