Wireless Wednesday–The Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Extends Consumer Signal Booster Deadline

February 12, 2014 — by WEBOOST


This week for Wireless Wednesday we’re talking about the cell phone signal booster deadline extension until April 30, 2014. See below for more information–

“The bureau acknowledges that unexpected complexities in the rules coupled with the government shutdown led to delays in the finalization of comprehensive test procedures for Consumer Signal Boosters.”

“We find that a short extension of 60 days, until April 30, 2014, is warranted to allow for adequate review and testing of these devices and to allow others to complete testing of their devices and apply for certification.”

“The Commission staff is committed to working expeditiously with TCBs to review and process these applications and the Bureau expects that some manufacturers will have compliant products in the market well in advance of that date.”

“We see this a good outcome for Wilson Electronics and for the industry,” Robert Van Buskirk, President and CEO of Wilson Electronics, LLC. “We will continue to work to actively obtain our remaining required certifications and to provide to our customers FCC compliant product solutions as soon as practical.”

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