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CES 2014 Unveiled Wilson Electronics DT4G Cellular Booster

January 6, 2014 — by WEBOOST


CES 2014 Unveiled – Wilson Electronics DT4G Cellular Booster

By Steven Kean | January 6, 2014

Wilson Electronics specializes in resolving issues with cellular connectivity due to poor signal strength.  They have solutions for Vehicles, Buildings, and M2M devices.  While many of their solutions are powerful antenna’s, they also have signal amplifiers.  While cellular signal amplifiers aren’t new, each of the major cellular vendors has their own device; some of which use a broadband connection to allow your call to go through. 

By the end of January, Wilson Electronics will release a new solution for your home or business.  This new kit is vendor agnostic, meaning it will work with any of the major carriers.   The DT4G kit is designed for a DIY installation, providing the outside antenna, RG-6 connection cable, indoor signal booster, and an indoor antenna.  It boosts 3G, 4G and voice signals allow for a more reliable signal.  You are no longer limited to a single cell provider solution, and you are able to use multiple cellular devices at the same time.  When the DT4G kit goes on sale, it is expected to have a suggested retail price of $379, however street price will most likely be around $349.

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